Maadi Psychology Center is a leading psychiatric clinic in Cairo, providing compassionate care and expert mental health services to the Egyptian and expatriate communities since 1980. Our clinic has a team of highly experienced mental health professionals specializing in a range of therapeutic approaches to support individuals and families with diverse mental health needs.

Whether you or a loved one are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or other challenges, our team is dedicated to helping you find the support and relief you need to thrive. With a holistic approach to care, we offer a comprehensive range of services for children, adolescents, and adults, including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy, family therapy, addiction treatment, and more. At Maadi Psychology Center, we are committed to empowering our clients to heal, grow, and achieve their full potential.

  • What is therapy, what can I expect?

    Psychotherapy is a process through which one consults a professional regarding personal issues or concerns. Psychotherapy is usually conducted by psychologists. Therapy usually results in better self-understanding, improved inter-personal relationships, and increases in one’s ability to understand and cope with current and future difficulties. The therapeutic relationship that develops between client and therapist is the primary vehicle for change. It is necessary that the client and the therapist work together to achieve progress.

  • When should I seek medication?

    At times, the psychotherapeutic process brings about change, at other times psychotherapy and medication may yield better results, and in some cases medication on its own is sufficient. If your first appointment is with a therapist, the therapist will discuss with you the role of medication in your treatment, and may ask you to see one of the psychiatrists. If your first appointment is with a psychiatrist, the psychiatrist may discuss with you the role of psychotherapy, and may ask you to see one of the therapists.

  • What are your rights as a client?

    As a client, you have the right to receive services that are uniquely tailored to your needs. You are encouraged to ask questions and to be informed of the reasons why specific procedures or treatment modalities are being used. In the event that you are dissatisfied with the services, you are encouraged to discuss your concerns with your therapist or psychiatrist. If an adequate resolution cannot be reached, you may wish to contact the Director of the Center.

  • What does confidentiality mean?

    Confidentiality includes both the fact that you are a client of Maadi Psychology Center as well as the content of the information discussed in the therapy sessions, or sent to your therapist or psychiatrist through email, mobile phones and faxes. For adults (Age 18 years and above), no information will be released to other persons without the written permission of the client. Confidential information may be released if the client is dangerous to self or others. For persons under the age of 18 years, information will be released to their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) if requested by the parents or in cases of impending danger to self or others.

  • How long does treatment last?

    The duration of treatment cannot be determined ahead of time as it varies greatly from one situation to another. In general, persons seeing a therapist should plan on a minimum of six sessions, usually once a week, and persons seeing a psychiatrist for medication should plan on a minimum of four visits usually spaced over three months.

  • How do I schedule, change or cancel appointments?

    To schedule your first appointment please phone MPC on 2359-2278 or 0100- 657-0691. If you prefer to talk to a member of the professional staff before you make an appointment, please leave your name, telephone number and preferred contact times, and your call will be returned as soon as possible. Subsequent appointments may be scheduled directly with your therapist and appointments with psychiatrists are usually made through the Reception staff. If you schedule an appointment directly with your therapist, contact your therapist directly to change or cancel an appointment. If you have booked through reception, please contact reception. Please note that appointments must be made, changed or cancelled by phone and not by email.

  • How long are appointments and how are fees determined?

    Charges for psychotherapy are based on a 50- minute therapy session. Additional charges are made for every 15 minutes beyond the normal session. Sessions are usually scheduled at weekly intervals. At times it may be necessary to schedule more than one session per week. Charges for appointments with psychiatrists are based on a 30 minute session and additional charges are made for every 15 minutes beyond the normal session. Please note that the fees charged are for therapy and treatment; additional fees are charged for letters and reports.

  • Payment of Fees

    Payment is expected upon delivery of service, that is, at the time of each appointment. Fees may be paid in advance through Paypal or paid by cash or credit card at the time of the service. Psychological and psychiatric services are covered by most insurance plans and we will provide the necessary documentation needed to obtain reimbursement.

  • Communication with your therapist or psychiatrist

    Therapy and psychiatric treatment is best done in person. You should establish with your therapist or psychiatrist if they are willing to take phone calls, text messages, and communications through social media or email between appointments.

  • Legal Reports

    Please note that Maadi Psychology Center is a therapy and treatment center and writing legal reports is not part of our service. However, should we be required by a court to write a report or attend court hearings as a result of your being a client at this Center, additional special fees will be charged to the client.

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