Sharon E. Perry

Dip. Psy. Couns. MBACP

Clinic Director and Senior Psychotherapist

Sharon is a British trained counsellor with 30 years of experience; has worked with eating disorders for many years in school and university settings in Europe and the Middle East. She has been in Egypt since 2010, previously in Belgium and Saudi Arabia. She has extensive experience of working with adults and young people of many cultures including Middle Eastern, European and Indian culture.
Sharon is a Humanistic/Existential therapist working both with the Freudian and Jungian approach. She specialises in eating disorders, addiction, spiritual counselling, grief, marital and divorce issues and trauma. She is also a member of the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy team at Behman Hospital in which horses can offer an extraordinary amount of emotional support to help clients navigate challenging emotional experiences.
Sharon is currently training to become a Nutritional therapist and believes that nutrition and lifestyle has a huge impact on our mental health. She offers nutritional counselling, nutrition assessments and meal planning for eating disorders, weight loss and medical dietary needs such as diabetes, cholesterol and heart problems, allergies, food intolerances and skin disorders. Sharon is also extensively knowledgeable with vegetarian and vegan dietary needs.
Her future plan as a certified chef in combination with psychology and nutrition to offer healthy eating plans for you to experience and taste foods for a healthy lifestyle for the future. Healthy cooking plans can be tailored to the individual needs or clients with medical issues or dietary issues such as diabetes.

Clinic locations

Maadi Psychology Center
Sarayat, Maadi
Degla, Maadi

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